Mobile Auto Detailing has spent the last 4 years becoming a leader for mobile detailing services in the Greater Grand Rapids area.  Our BOAT Detailing Services have become one of our most popular packages.  Our experienced technicians come right to your location and only need to borrow access to power and water.  


The detailing service always begins with a walk around the BOAT so the client can point out specific areas of attention and the technician can recommend the best services for your specific BOAT.  We pride ourselves on being open and honest with our assessment of needed services and ensuring that the client is completely satisfied before we leave the property.1


Mobile Auto Detailing provides several options for detailing your boat's interior. We offer a Complete Interior Package saving you 20% on all services, or you can select interior service a-la-carte.  We pledge to treat your investment as if it were our own. We use high-quality cleaning products to get your Boat Interior looking like new! 


Complete Interior Package is a thorough, complete cleaning service.  We will vacuum the interior, clean all interior seats, compartments, cup holders, and windows. This package is perfect for getting your Boat Ready for the summer or at the end of a busy vacation.


  • $10/linear foot (Save 20%)

  • Vacuum Interior, seats, mats, storage areas, etc.

  • Scrub & Treat Carpets with Shampoo

  • Detailed Cleaning of Cracks, Crevices, Cup Holders, Cubbies & Panels

  • Clean & Treat Dashboard, Glove Box, and Consoles

  • Clean and Treat Leather Seats

  • Wash Windshields and Other Windows


* Additional fees may apply for boats with pet hair, smoker's ash, mold or mildew, and/or excessively dirty or neglected boats.

Stand-Alone Services are able to be requested individually or in combination with each other.   Great for after big weekends or before special events. 

  • Vacuum Seats, Carpets, Floors, Mats, Storage Areas

    • $6/linear foot

  • Scrub & Treat Carpets with Shampoo and Water Extraction (when needed)

    • $6/linear foot

  • Detail Cracks, Crevices, Cup Holders, Cubbies, Panels

    • $25

  • Clean & Treat Dashboard, Glove Box, and Consoles

    • $25

  • Clean Leather Seats & Apply Leather Protectant

    • $75

  • Wash Windows

    • $10


Mobile Auto Detailing provides the very best service and products for our Exterior Boat Detailing Services.  Just as with interior packages, regardless of your exterior package choice, we treat your investment as if it is our own and use high-quality products to get your Boat's exterior shining like new!

Exterior Packages combines basic cleaning services with high-quality boat wax and window applications.  These services are critically important to protect your Boat from weather, oxidation, spotting, and hazing so your investment looks its best during those bright days of summer.

    PACKAGE A (Basic)

  • $10/linear foot (Save 20%)

  • Hand Wash, Rinse & Towel Dry

  • Apply Water Repellent to All Windows

  • Hand Wax and Shine

    PACKAGE B (Complete)

  • $15/linear foot (Save 20%)

  • Hand Wash, Rinse & Towel Dry

  • Apply Water Repellent to All Windows

  • Compound & Buff (Removes Oxidation & Revitalizes Colors)

  • Hand Wax and Shine


* Additional fees may apply for boats with excessive oxidation and/or Excessively dirty or neglected boats.

Stand-Alone Services are able to be requested individually or in combination with each other.   

  • Hand Wash, Rinse, and Towel Dry

    • $6/linear foot

  • Apply Water Repellent to All Windows

    • $10

  • Hand Wax and Shine

    • $6/linear foot



Jesse P.

They did an amazing job detailing our boat. It’s an older boat, but they made it look almost new. All of our friends commented on how great it looked. Very friendly and professional service. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Jonathan M.

I worked with Nick to have my boat detailed. He and his team did an amazing job and my boat just sparkles! Fantastic work and great integrity and professionalism too!

Benjamin P.

Mobile Auto Detailing just detailed both of our vehicles. I couldn’t be happier with the service. I love that he comes right to the house. Fair price and easy to work with. I’ll definitely be calling them in the future.


  1.  Your Boat Detailing experience begins with a call (616-710-2896) or Email to our manager. 

  2.  He can provide additional details or answer questions that you still have about our Boat Detailing Services, provide initial recommendations based on your needs, and give you straight forward pricing (including any possible charges that may be necessary due to excessive dirt, mildew, or pet hair). 

  3. We set up an appointment time that works for us to come to your home or boat storage to complete the requested work.   

  4. Your Appointment will be confirmed the night before to account for any changes to your schedule or potential weather systems that may impact the timing of the appointment. 

  5. We will show up on time, work effectively and efficiently, and ensure your happiness prior to leaving the site. 

  6. Finally, we love to receive feedback via our review systems to ensure we are meeting or exceeding your expectations.  Reviews also help others gain trust in our services.  Referrals are our number one form of advertising!



  • Grand Rapids

  • Rockford

  • Cedar Springs

  • Ada

  • Cascade

  • Kentwood

  • Hudsonville

  • Jenison

  • Holland / Zeeland*

  • Muskegon*

  • Grand Haven*

*a nominal travel fee required for lakeshore locations to cover fuel costs


  • Any Amount You Want​

  • Give to Friends, Family, Employees

  • Wonderful Stocking Stuffer

  • A Printable Gift Voucher Will Be Emailed For Immediate Use

  • Easy to Redeem When Ready


  • Do I Need To Wax My Boat?

    Yes! Waxing your boat does many things:

    • Protects it from the sun and weather

    • Helps reduce chalking, hazing, and fading

    • Makes it easier to remove water spotting, scum lines, and oxidation

    • Reduces hard water spotting

    • Best of all, waxing makes it easier to keep clean!

  • Do I Pay Now?

    No.  Your technician will request payment at the completion of your detailing services.  We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with our work before charging you for our services.  We will remain in contact with you during the service if we have questions or additional services that may be needed.  Once you are satisfied, you may pay with cash, check, credit card, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or the Cash app.

  • Do You Serve My Area?

    Mobile Auto Detailing generally services the Greater Grand Rapids area and Grand Haven.  This area includes cities such as Ada, Cascade, Cedar Springs, Comstock Park, Hudsonville, Jenison, Kentwood, Rockford, Sparta, and Wyoming among others.  We can also travel to Holland/Zeeland or Muskegon for a nominal service fee.

  • How Do I Purchase a Gift Card?

    Gift certificates or e-gift cards are available by simply calling or emailing.  A gift certificate can be customized for the recipient with a special message and the services they will receive.  The gift certificate will be emailed to you to print or save as a digital PDF file for later access.  e-Gift Cards will also be emailed but are not customizable.

  • How Often Should I Wax My Boat?

    To protect your boat's paint or gel coat, it is recommended that you wax your boat at least 2 times per year. Your boat should also be washed thoroughly once per month. 

  • Is Mobile Detailing As Good As Brick & Mortar Detailing?

    This is a great question! When selecting your detail service its very important to make sure you're getting the quality you deserve. We have the best detailing equipment and products in the industry! In most instances, you'll get a better detail with us than you would if you dropped your car off at a local shop for the day. Our main focus is quality.

  • Do Your Prices Stay the Same No Matter The Condition of My Boat? 

    This is a great question and 99% of the time the answer is yes! However, because we don't see your boat before we come to do the job, we can’t guarantee this. Unfortunately, there are some boat interiors that are so dirty that we have to charge an extra "dirty" fee. Things such as pet hair, mold, mildew, sand, and abnormal conditions are subject to a possible additional fee.  Excessive oxidation may also require additional services beyond what were originally discussed. This is RARE, but if this is the case, the technician will discuss any additional charges with you before they proceed.

  • What If The Weather is Bad The Day of My Appointment?

    West Michigan weather is always fun to work with!  There are times when the weather or temperature may cause us to alter our plans or reschedule your service.  We are more concerned with providing quality results than making sure we stick to a schedule.  Having access to a garage or pole barn at your location will allow us to detail your vehicle despite inclement weather.  Our location is unable to accommodate boats.

  • What If I'm Not Happy With The Detailing?

    We stand behind our work 100%.  We strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations on every detail! Our #1 priority is to ensure each and every detail is done correctly and every customer walks away with a smile on their face. We encourage you to be present at the time of completion of your detail and to look over the vehicle ensuring that you're 100% happy. The detailing technician will be more than happy to fix any issues you may have with a smile on his face!

  • What Is a "Mobile Detail"?

    A mobile detail means that we detail your vehicle right on site at your home or office. We bring everything we need to perform the detail on-site. The only things we need access to are power and water.

  • What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

    We have a 48-hour cancellation policy, if you cancel within 48 hours you’ll have no cancellation charges. If the weather is bad the day of your appointment OR you need to reschedule for a future date you won't be charged any cancellation fees as long as you reschedule the appointment. We want to make sure every one gets a fair chance to have their vehicle detailed on a day and time that works best for them and that's why we have this policy. Our technicians also specifically hold your date and time for you so last minute cancellations make it hard for them to fill their schedules.




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