Complete Exterior Package


*Additional fees may apply for vehicles with excessive tar or sap, and/or excessively dirty or neglected vehicles.

Competitor "A" Price: $130 - 140

Competitor "B" Price: $99

Competitor "C" Price: $230 - 350

**Competitor Prices found via Google search, December 2020, and rounded to the nearest dollar.  Services offered may not be exactly comparable.  Comparisons are provided as a general reference point for mobile Auto Detailing service prices.

Stand-Alone Services

$65 +Hand wash, rinse, and towel dry

         +Remove bugs, sap, tar other environmental debris (included in wash)

         +Wash windows, mirrors, and sunroof (included in wash)
$15 +Apply water repellent to windows, mirrors, and sunroof
$50 +Clean wheels, wheel wells, and rims
$10 +Clean and dry door jambs 
$10 +Treat tires for a clean shine
$65 +Hand wax and shine

$40 +Clay Bar Treatment (not included in package)

$100 +One-Stage Buffing (not included in package)

$250 +Three-Stage Buffing (not included in package)

$40 +Engine Bay Detailing (not included in package)

$40 +Headlight Restoration (not included in package)

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